Eng 465/565 Teaching Literature

Eng 465/565 Teaching Literature

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Teaching Literature has been designed to address the following functions:

  • Acquaint students/teachers (for secondary and college levels) with the Common Core and NCTE standards that relate to literature instruction, helping them to envision instruction that addresses multiple standards and meets student needs
  • Develop a broad theoretical background knowledge on which to base literature instruction, primarily literary theory (exploration of transactional and intertextual theories in particular) but also pedagogical theory
  • Provide practice with a variety of unit-construction options, from initial pre-reading ideas through final projects for summative assessment; this includes topics such as analytical reading strategies, interaction between reading and writing assignments, types of discussion/ questioning, and incorporation of standards-based planning
  • Introduce students to professional journals and other resources relevant to their teaching level that can advance professional development, and provide a beginners’ annotated bibliography of sources to draw on
  • Provide a venue for students to explore, exchange ideas, and build toward a professional, collaborative development of literature instruction, creating a base for students to build a professional identity

However, the course will not deal extensively with:  Young Adult literature; differentiated instruction or alternative assessments; technology integration; basic literacy theory and general methods for reading instruction; issues of curriculum development and textbook restrictions.