Fall 2018:  Eng 107H/Honors literature

Selected courses taught

Eng 104 Introduction to Fiction
Eng 105 Introduction to Drama
Eng 105 Introduction to Drama – online
Eng 106 Introduction to Poetry
Eng 107 Greek & Roman Literature
Eng 108 Medieval-17th Century Lit.
Eng 109 18th-20th Century Lit.
Eng 107H Honors Literature*
Eng 108H Honors Literature*
Eng 204  Early British Literature
Eng 210  Japanese Literature in Trans.
Eng 218W Intro to Literary Study
Eng 332 Amer Lit:  The 1920s
Eng 345  20th-Century Continental Literature
Eng 340  Greco-Roman Literature: Amor
Eng 340  Evolution of Epic
Eng 340  Lit of Love: Classical and Medieval
Eng 341  Continental Medieval Literature
Eng 341  Modern Japanese Novel
Eng 356  Medieval Lyric
Eng 387  Classical Mythology
Eng 387  Arthurian Legend
Eng 399  Science & Scientists in Literature
Eng 407/507  Science Fiction—The Aliens
Eng 418/518 Intertextuality
Eng 441/541 Medieval Romance
Eng 441/541 Courtly Literature
Eng 441/541 The Tale of Genji & the Heian Court
Eng 445/545 Medieval & Renaiss. Women Wr
Eng 447/547 Major Figures/Chaucer
Eng 465/565 Teaching Literature
Eng 484/584 Comedy
Eng 526M American Science Fiction
Eng 526M America in the 1920s
Hum 190 Future of Humanity [w/Perlman]
Hum 306 Science Fiction Survey
Hum 450 Senior Portfolio
Wr 135 Freshman Composition
Wr 222 Research and Composition
Wr 412 Writing Center Internship
Wr 430/530 History of Rhetoric & Composition
Wr 430/530 Historical Issues in Composition
Wr 440/540 Teaching of Writing
Wr 510M Forms of Expository Prose
Wr 542M Writing Across the Curriculum-online

Other Courses Taught [not at WOU]
History of English
Medieval English Literature
English Grammar
Humanities: The Ancient World
Themes & Motifs in World Literature

At Pädegogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Germany
American Literature of the 1920s
American Science Fiction
English Conversation
Advanced Writing in English

Online Courses Developed
Eng 104, Introduction to Fiction (consultant)
Eng 105, Introduction to Drama
Wr 542M, Writing Across the Curriculum